Join us at the farm for muscadine picking season. This August and September, pick your basket's fill of grapes, meet the Congaree and Penn team, explore the farm, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.   


Muscadine grapes are not your everyday grape. They have a thick skin and a soft inside riddled with seeds. But the activity of picking, chewing (and spitting seeds) tend to keep muscadine pickers grinning.

When you arrive, muscadine baskets will be available to purchase in the farm shop. The grapevines are waiting for you just beyond the quonset hut patio. 

Picking Days

Wednesday - Sunday

10:00 am - 8:30 pm

Until we run out of grapes!


You Pick FAQs

What are the farm's hours?

During the week of September 5th - 9th, we’re open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am - 8:30 pm. You are welcome to pick grapes any time during these hours.


Do you allow outside food and drinks?

We do not.


Will you have muscadine grapes on the day that I want to pick?

We have a lot of fruit on the vines! We predict that we won't run out until the first or second week of September.


What else can I do at Congaree and Penn?

There’s a whole farm to enjoy. Sip some cider (or beer and wine), enjoy a farm lunch (Friday through Sunday), let the kids run free, take your dog on a walk, take yourself on a walk, and savor the outdoors.


Do you accept credit cards?

Of course; we live in 2018, too.


Tell me about the baskets.

Only Congaree and Penn baskets may be used for picking. The basket is yours to keep, and the price includes the grapes. Small baskets are $5 and hold about one pound of grapes. Large baskets are $15 and hold about three pounds of grapes.


Do you take reservations?

We do not.


What's the weather like?

It's hot. And it's wet. That means the vineyard might be mucky. We don't love it either.


Can I bring my dog?

Of course! Well behaved dogs on leashes are always welcome. Please clean up after Fido (and take the droppings with you, even if you've used a biodegradable bag), and please keep your canine companions away from the chickens and goats.


Do I need to worry about snakes and alligators (and lions and tigers and bears, oh my) at the farm?

Not really. We've never seen an alligator at the farm. We haven't seen a snake in over a year. The wildest thing you'll likely see is Chicken Joe (our rooster - steer clear). But the great outdoors is full of surprises.