Do I need to make a reservation to pick muscadine grapes?

Yes. To reserve your spot, we require that guests register in advance. Guests who are not interested in picking grapes are not required to make a reservation, but they will not be permitted to pick without a reservation.

What is a muscadine grape?

At first glance, muscadines may appear to be the green and red grapes you're used to seeing in your grocery store. But look more closely and you'll see that they are bigger and rounder than those grapes, and the skin is thicker.

They are native to the south, and with all the humidity and the heat down here, the tough skin protects them from a lot of the fungal diseases. The skin also has health benefits; it’s especially high in antioxidants. Muscadines are rich in total phenolic compounds, ellagic acid, and catechins, which may help ward off cancer.

Beneath that thick skin is a soft inside riddled with seeds. This is often a drawback for some pickers, but the health benefits and the activities of picking, chewing (and spitting seeds) tend to keep muscadine consumers grinning.

Tell me about the baskets.

Only Congaree and Penn baskets may be used for picking. The basket is yours to keep, and the price includes the grapes. Small baskets are $5 and hold about one pound of grapes. Large baskets are $15 and hold about four pounds of grapes.

Do you allow outside food and drinks?

We do not. Congaree and Penn boasts our own kitchen, and there’s something for everyone on our farm menu. Our taproom offers cider, beer, wine, and nonalcoholic beverages like Honest juice boxes, Perrier, La Croix, Boxed Water, and brio! cold brew coffee.

Do you accept credit cards?

Of course! We live in 2019, too.

Can I bring Fido?

Dogs are always welcome at Congaree and Penn!

Please keep Fido leashed and away from our farm animals. And please clean up after his messes! We ask that you bring your own waste bags and discard of them properly. Waste cans are located at the quonset hut.

Do I need to worry about snakes and alligators (and lions and tigers and bears, oh my) at the farm?

Not really. We've never seen an alligator at the farm. We haven't seen a snake in over two years. The wildest thing you'll likely see is a peacock. But the great outdoors is full of surprises.

Will I get wet? Or muddy? Or a spot on my white shorts?

Probably. We’re a farm, and that means we’re prone to spots on white apparel, especially when it’s been raining. We always recommend wearing shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Because it’s the great outdoors. Don’t be afraid to join the greatness.

What else can I do at Congaree and Penn?

There’s a whole farm to enjoy. Sip some cider (or beer and wine), enjoy our farm menu, let the kids run free, take your dog on a walk, take yourself on a walk, visit the animals, and enjoy the great outdoors.