Take a bitE out of history

Congaree and Penn is proud to introduce Johnny Appleseed Authentic, and the artisan apple jelly made exclusively with Johnny Appleseed Authentic apples. Yes, you heard that right! Johnny Appleseed’s legendary life work can now be experienced through our new apple jelly. 


Throughout Congaree and Penn’s young history, we have focused on preserving heritage and native plants of Northeast Florida. We've cultivated the largest Mayhaw orchard in the world and our collection of shrubs is a reflection of colonial era recipes.

Now we share the story of how we preserved Johnny Appleseed’s legacy by propagating the last known and verified apple tree he planted. Twenty-three years ago, Jeffrey Meyer (Farmer Scott's father) grafted several branches from Johnny’s tree onto the rootstock of other apple trees.


Since then, the Congaree and Penn team has cultivated a sister orchard in Grants Pass, Oregon growing exclusively Johnny Appleseed Authentic apple trees. In laymen’s terms: our orchard produces apples identical to the apples grown on Johnny Appleseed’s tree! 

These tart, yet subtly sweet apples have been made into Johnny Appleseed Authentic jelly for you to enjoy. Not only is Johnny Appleseed Authentic jelly tasty, it's also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Now, what are you waiting for? Take a bite out of history with our Johnny Appleseed Authentic jelly!