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The Taproom

Available Wednesday - Sunday

Farm Cider

Noble Muscadine + Gallberry Honey 

$6 / $7

Seasonal beer

San Marco Sour + Jon Boat


Select wines

Sauvignon Blanc, Toscana + Rosé



Rice Bowls

Keep it casual and grab a rice bowl from our cooler. Served chilled. 

Available Friday - Sunday during farm events. Please inquire for availability.

Mediterranean Chicken

Jupiter brown rice, roasted chicken, quinoa, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, tahini + lemon juice


Mayport Shrimp

Jupiter brown rice, Mayport shrimp, cucumbers, chickpeas, tomatoes, lime, lemon + olive oil 


Vegan Bibimbap

Jupiter brown rice, carrots, kale, cucumbers, ginger, mushrooms, benne, sesame oil + soy



Farm to Table Lunch

With our farm chef leading the kitchen, enjoy an elevated farm to table lunch served family style.

Available for groups of 15+. Please email to make a reservation.

White Lily Biscuits

with Congaree and Penn jellies

Field Greens

Bacon’s Produce, seasonal vegetables + Creole tomato shrub vinaigrette

Braised Chicken

Quarters served over Congaree and Penn creamy rice grits

Served with blueberry Meyer lemon shrub iced tea + Perrier. Our menu is customizable to fit dietary needs.

$30 per guest


Congaree and Penn also serves private farm to table dinners.