Fish Fry by Farmer Scott Meyer


list of ingredients

2 cups of rice flour  /  4 pounds of fish  /  peanut oil  /  1 local beer  /  2 eggs  /  a dash of hot sauce

method of cooking

Fillet those fishes. Slice into pieces and set aside. Whisk the beer and eggs together into a frothy mixture. Toss in the fish and add a dash (or more) of hot sauce. Cover and allow to soak for one hour in the refrigerator. Begin to heat oil. Pour the rice flour onto a plate or pan and coat each fillet. Drop each piece of fish into hot oil for 2 and a half to 3 minutes. Remove fish and place on a paper towel to cool. Season to taste with spices. Serve with cocktail and tartar sauce. 

cooking time 80 minutes  /  serves 8

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