At Congaree and Penn, we're known for rice. We grow a tasty Jupiter medium grain in four acres of Japanese style rice paddies. After we harvest our grains, we mill them fresh for local foodies, restaurants, stores and markets.

Rice isn't our only crop. We're nurturing over 800 Mayhaw seedlings. The Mayhaw tree is known for its Mayhaw jelly, especially in Louisiana. But we're bringing the tart fruit to Florida, maybe for a little bit of jelly, but mostly to flavor the hard apple cider that we'll be brewing someday.

The muscadine grape vines at Congaree and Penn grow between our rice paddies and our Mayhaw trees. While they're quite decorative, we do plan to put those grapes to use. Stay tuned for "you pick" dates!

Congaree and Penn's honey bees are the hardest workers on our farm. They're pollinating our crops and making us honey, and for that we pay them well. With housing, mostly. We'll also be adding a flock of chickens to the crew in the spring, and Florida cracker cattle within the next year. It'll be a real zoo out here.