Born in 2014, congaree and penn began as a tiny rice farm.

Since then, we've grown from 4 acres of rice paddies into a thriving farm of orchards and animals. Congaree and Penn boasts the largest (and youngest) Mayhaw orchard in the world, after planting over 2000 trees throughout the past few years. Native to the South, this fruit bearing tree has inspired us to seek out and plant other native and hearty southern fruit bearing species on the farm.

In 2016, Congaree and Penn began juicing seasonal fruit from local farms to produce shrubs, our nod to a Colonial era pastime. As we expand our orchard, pressing and milling operations, Congaree and Penn continues to innovate and introduce new produce and products. 

We also fancy the farm as a stunning destination for weddings, farm dinners, tours and workshops. 

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